New Offices Official Opening Event Key Speech by Mayor of Hillingdon

Let me express my sincere appreciation for the honour I have been given to officiate this special and historic event for Devine Care and its stakeholders.

Welcome to the New Business Offices for Devine Care. Today we celebrate the grand opening of this new business office.

I understand this move has been necessitated due to continued company growth and therefore the need for a larger space. I have no doubt, this will provide a more comfortable office space as well as creating opportunities to expand the team with further flexibility to expand the business.

Devine Care provides health and social care services in Hillingdon and surrounding boroughs of West London. Devine Care has been actively operating in Hillingdon since 2015.

Through its Community Services, it supports the most disadvantaged and most vulnerable citizens within our community, who are incapacitated due to, either advanced age, dementia, mental or physical disability.

In collaboration with Health & Local Authorities, Devine Care seeks to enhance the quality of lives of all their Service Users and help them to realise their aspirations of living with dignity and independence, whilst in the comfort of their own homes.

We appreciate the wonderful service offered by Devine Care, and in particular at this time when there is constant pressure at the acute hospitals and the agenda to promote care in the community.

Furthermore, with an ageing population that is predicted to see the number of people aged over 85 years triple by year 2055, the sector has unquestionable drivers for increasing demand as the need for primary, acute and social care increases.

We understand Devine Care also operates a Healthcare Recruitment for Doctors and nurses. They have recently started the Supported Living Service.

We also thank Devine Care for its strong Corporate Social Responsibility values and in particular its supports for local community. Devine Care continues to be involved in financial support to Charities. In conjunction with HayesFM, Devine Care running a campaign to identify a deserving local charity for financial donation.

In conclusion, let me appreciate Devine Care for making a difference to vulnerable people trough your commitment to the community.

I have no doubt that Devine Care is a great place to work and a great place to receive care.

We wish you good all the best as you continue to expand your business.

I now unveil the Commemoration Plaque.