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Things You Should Consider Before Entering into Hospice Nursing

By August 30, 2018blogg

When someone decides to enter into the field of hospice nursing, there are some potential advantages and disadvantages one has to consider beforehand. Being a hospice nurse is about more than just a job, to some, it is a passion while to others it is a calling. Even those who feel they are cut out for the job, there are tremendous challenges on the way. It is better to look thoroughly into the pros and cons of the job before one decides to choose this as a career.

The Cons of Hospice Nursing

The biggest disadvantage of the hospice care is the nature of the care that it entails. It is about helping people who are dying and providing a form of end-of-life care. This means dealing with death every step of the way. It is natural to develop a sense of attachment to your dying patients as you care for them on a daily basis. For some, the loss can be incapacitating, making them regret the decision to become the hospice nurse in the first place. As a hospice nurse, your role is to make someone as comfortable as possible and to guide and counsel their loved ones until the patient passes away.

The second drawback is the setting where you will deliver the care itself. There are some hospitals that have dedicated units for hospice care, but it is far more likely that a hospice nurse will have to care for patients in their own homes. This adds to the instability and unpredictability of the job, mainly because you will not have immediate access to all the medical facilities that you might require.

The Pros of Hospice Nursing

The list of cons, to some might seem quite long, however, the benefits can outweigh the various disadvantages for most of the people looking to enter the field. Having the chance to look after people who are terminally ill, gives you the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in their lives, which is what nursing is all about. This is particularly true for the family and loved ones of the person that is being cared for. They are in the acceptance phase of the fact that someone they care for is dying, and as a hospice nurse, it is your role to make sure they do not have to worry about their levels of comfort. Your job is to make them put all their energy on the passing of the person they love, and make them feel that they are being cared for properly during that time.

Furthermore, as a hospice nurse, your job will be incredibly varied. Your job is to work with the team of experts to make sure every patient’s needs are fully met. You will work together to make sure the patient and their family are comfortable and that they have all the information they need through the process. Your role is as much about educating and counselling as it is about caring, enabling people with a greater understanding of what is happening to them or the people they love. You will be a true advocate for every patient that is admitted under your care.